Fereshteh Khatibi

Orange County, CA

Fereshteh Yazdani-Khatibi has been a recognized champion for access to quality education as a solution to poverty for decades. She earned two separate master’s degrees in education as well as credentials in administration and teaching from state universities in Texas and California.

As an astute and compassionate teacher, principal, professor, and public school system administrator in the United States, she has fought to ensure that students who come from historically marginalized communities receive access to quality education and growth opportunities.

After her work in the education system, Fereshteh became the Chief Impact Officer of the Ahura Healthcare Group, a company that focuses on creating healthier communities in California’s underserved neighborhoods through inspired and innovative solutions. Outside of her career, Fereshteh is Chair of the Board of Trustees for the California Zoroastrian Center, the largest Zoroastrian community outside of Iran, where she oversees the strategic direction for the center and promotes the vision of this ancient, yet vibrant community.