Mojgan Hakimi, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Mojgan Hakimi is a celebrated psychologist, executive coach, and academic. After the completion of her Doctorate in Organizational Psychology, she obtained her MBA in strategic management. Dr. Hakimi serves as the Chair of the Department of Psychology at TCLA where she previously served as the President of the Senate Faculty. Dr. Hakimi is the founder of the Persian American Women’s Conference (PAWC), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire, empower, and provide unconditional support to women. Her vast research and publication domain include servitude leadership, impacts of social media, diversity, and familial dynamics. Her work has been featured and recognized at numerous national and international conferences. Dedicated to the prosperity of minority communities, Dr. Hakimi has served congressional and county appointments to proactively address racism, homophobia, religious prejudice, and other divisive attitudes. Dr. Hakimi and PAWC have become instrumental in the betterment of the lives of Iranian refugees in Greece by providing them professional mental health counseling, employment opportunities, and patronage of community centers.