Media Campaign

  • Provide news advisories to 200+ international journalists on events in Iran
  • Connect Iranian dissidents and human rights activists to Western media
  • Provide commentary and analysis on event inside Iran, US-Iran relations, and the Islamic Republic’s malign activities in the international press
  • Translate and subtitle videos from inside Iran for Western outlets
  • Write opinion pieces in leading international outlets

Advocacy Campaign

  • Work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to amend and introduce Iran-related legislation
  • Host events with Congressional representatives and former elected officials
  • Connect leading activists and dissidents inside Iran and in exile to elected officials and think tanks
  • Host activists and dissidents for panel discussions and events

Policy Campaign

  • Host The Iran Conference, the premier DC policy summit on Iran with 30+ speakers from leading think tanks, universities, and media outlets
  • Provide regular and updated information to think tanks, policy organizations, and thought leaders
  • Provide analysis on protests, regime insiders, and events inside Iran
  • Host leading policy experts for panel discussion and roundtables
  • Train next generation foreign policy experts with a human rights focus on Iran

Human Rights Campaign

Create awareness campaigns on victims of the Islamic Republic, specifically:
  • Artists
  • Women
  • LGBTQ community
  • Religious minorities
  • Political prisoners

Community Engagement Campaign

  • Honor Iranian culture, arts, and heritage with the annual Norooz Gala
  • Mobilize the Iranian-American community to action on critical issues including human rights violations and pro-democracy protests in Iran
  • Engage the next generation of Iranian-Americans in the American political process and to build relationships with their elected representatives
  • Create a network for young professionals to celebrate Iranian culture and heritage and promote human rights in their homeland