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Briefing on Iran Protests

Washington, DC — On Tuesday, August 3rd the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) hosted a briefing with congressional staffers, leading think tank experts, and journalists from prominent international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Agence France-Presse, among others. The briefing was held to discuss the ongoing protest movement in

Tehran’s Tentacles: The Islamic Republic’s Interference, Infiltration, and Influence Abroad

For four decades the Islamic Republic in Iran has waged a multi-front war of interference, infiltration, and influence to promote itself and weaken its opposition around the world. This war has included campaigns of disinformation, assassination, and lobbying across Europe and North America. To highlight the regime’s complicated and coordinated efforts, NUFDI and MLI were

Honoring Habib Elghanian

Habib Elghanian was an Iranian businessman and philanthropist executed by the Islamic Republic because of his Jewish faith. NUFDI was proud to honor his memory and his contributions to the Iranian community, irrespective of religion, in a special event with his grandson, Shahab Moreh. Opening remarks by Iranian-American activist and journalist, Karmel Melamed.

Cyrus Accords

As the Middle East changes at break-neck speed with the Abraham Accords between Israel and Arab states, is the ultimate path to peace the Cyrus Accords: peace between a free Iran and the region? Join Victoria Coates and Len Khodorkovsky, former Trump administration officials, who wrote of Iran-Israel peace: “The US should be ready to

What Iranians Wants From Biden

Iran policy has become the source of bipartisan divide, but that hasn’t always been the case. With the Biden administration, is there hope for a bipartisan alignment on policy towards the Islamic Republic? Our guests will discuss a bipartisan guide for the Biden administration including on human rights, regional security, and the nuclear file.

The Iran Massacre: One Year On

A Perspective from Iranian Journalists: In November 2019 the Iranian people rose up in nationwide protests against the Islamic Republic. The regime responded with brutality by cutting off the internet and slaughtering more than 1,500 protesters. With internet shut down, how did Iranian journalists cover the crackdown? We’ll ask three leading Iranian journalists for their