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They Didn’t Kill Him, So They’re Torturing Him

Few know the cost of freedom better than Amir Hossein Moradi, who at the tender age of 25 endured incomparable…

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President Biden is Betraying the Truman Doctrine

In 1947, President Harry Truman established what became his lasting and namesake foreign policy doctrine: America will always protect, from…

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Soviet Disinformation Finds New Life in the Islamic Republic

From the tattered desk of a distant country’s diplomatic office, a loyal state official diligently disseminates falsified messages and memorandums.…

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Iranians and Cubans: Fighting for Freedom and the World’s Attention

“Patria o muerte”, or “ homeland or death”, is a revolutionary slogan all Cubans are taught at an early age.…

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The Truth about Iran Cannot be Untold

For nearly two weeks, there have been large demonstrations in the southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan that began over severe…

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Zarif Praises the Taliban, Iranians Push Back

Images of Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s recent public meeting with the Taliban sparked backlash from Iranians on social media condemning…

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Gay Rights are Human Rights

Article I of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights says  “All human beings are born free and equal…

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Raisi, The Iran Lobby, and the Four Stages of Grief

The elections held by the Islamic Republic of Iran are not real.  They are not free. They are not fair. …

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#IranProtests in Yasuj after Election Boycott

Protests have spread throughout the Southwestern Iranian city of Yasuj as dissent continues to mount against the Iranian Republic’s widespread…

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Welcome to Iran Uncensored

For more than four decades, as the Islamic Republic has waged a violent war on the people of Iran, it…

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