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“Mr. Len”: From the USSR to Foggy Bottom | Len Khodorkovsky on Iran Uncovered

Season 2 | Episode 3 This week’s episode hosting “The State Department’s Secret Weapon” discusses the story of a Russian Jewish immigrant to the United States and how it led him to a fondness for and closeness with the Iranian people and support for their struggle. Iran Uncovered is a podcast by NUFDI bringing you

Separatism Would Lead to Civil War w/ Behnam ben Taleblu | Iran Uncovered

Season 2 | Episode 2 This week’s episode is covers the controversy over ethnic separatism and secessionism in Iran, the role of Iranian nationalism in contemporary politics, and the lessons policymakers should take from both. Iran Uncovered is a podcast by NUFDI bringing you experts, activists, and newsmakers to talk #Iran. It is hosted by

“I Learned Persian in Evin Prison” w/ Xiyue Wang | Iran Uncovered

Season 2 | Episode 1 This week’s episode is covers Western media coverage of Iran, bias in the American academy, China, and much more with Xiyue Wang. Saeed Ghasseminejad and Cameron Khansarinia explore the human angle of US policy towards the Islamic Republic and what one learns after 40 months in the Islamic Republic in

#IranUncovered Ep. 3: Human Rights under the Islamic Republic in Iran with Shahin Milani

**Warning: This episode covers the brutal crimes of the Islamic Republic in Iran and thus may be disturbing and not appropriate for all listeners.** The Islamic Republic in Iran has among the world’s worst human rights records. From women to LGBTQ to minorities, the regime has a 41-year history of committing crimes against humanity against

#IranUncovered Ep. 4: The Islamic Republic’s War on Iranian Culture | Arash Sobhani

#Iran has an ancient and celebrated culture, one that has sustained it through millennia. In the nation’s toughest times, including multiple occupations, it has been its culture that has sustained it. Is that the case today with the Islamic Republic’s occupation? Where does Iranian culture go from here? We’re joined by celebrated Iranian artist, Arash

#IranUncovered Ep. 2: The Political Structure of the Islamic Republic with Nazenin Ansari

The Islamic Republic has systemic components that are presented to the world as democratic, but it behind the scenes is a murky cabal which makes most of the key decisions. What is the actual structure of this regime and how do the Iranian people view it? To find out, we’ll be joined by veteran Iranian

#IranUncovered Ep. 1: The COVID Crisis in #Iran with Dr. Daniel Jafari

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world. In Iran, however, the impact of the virus has been coupled with the impact of a disastrous response from the regime. But has the response been more than mishandled? Has it been intentionally mishandled to serve the regime’s political interests? Join our host, Cameron Khansarinia, and public