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NUFDI to State: Pressure Belgium on Iran Terrorist Treaty

Washington, DC – NUFDI once again expresses our sincere concerns about threats to Iranian activists living in the United States and the broader Iranian American community posed by the dictatorship in Iran. After recent news of the Belgian government’s proposed adoption of a prisoner exchange treaty, including with the Islamic Republic, our constituents, members of

Jahan-Parvar Joins Advisory Council

NUFDI is proud to announce that esteemed economist Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar, Ph.D. is joining the organization’s Advisory Council. He joins other leaders across the Iranian-American community in advising on NUFDI’s ongoing and expanding activities. NUFDI President Dr. Saeed Ganji commented: “Dr. Jahan-Parvar’s excellence in the world of economics is a true asset to our community

NUFDI Statement on Pride Month

Washington, DC — Since 1979, the regime in Iran has violently oppressed the LGBTQ+ community, executing more than 6,000 LGBTQ+ persons. While Iranian-Americans live in a world where they can freely be who they are, Iranians in the LGBTQ+ community in Iran continue to flee the dictatorship and its arrests, torture, and execution. As Pride

NUFDI Welcomes New Leaders

NUFDI is excited to announce the newest members of our leadership team on the Advisory Council and the Board of Directors. We believe our work mobilizing the Iranian-American community to support a human rights and democracy-focused foreign policy towards Iran requires engaging our community across the country. That’s why we’re especially proud to be working

NUFDI Meets State Department

NUFDI Meets with State Department Washington, DC — On Friday February 1st, NUFDI met with Deputy US Assistant Secretary of State for Iran and Iraq Jennifer Gavito at the State Department. In the meeting, members of the NUFDI team discussed four main issues: the necessity of hearing voices from inside Iran, the imperative of making

Protesters Shot in Iran: Read NUFDI’s Letter to Biden Team

The Hon. Antony J. Blinken Secretary of State The Hon. Jake Sullivan National Security Advisor The Hon. Brett McGurk NSC Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa The Hon. Robert Malley State Department Special Envoy for Iran November 29, 2021 Sent via Email Dear Messrs. Blinken, Sullivan, McGurk, and Malley, Last week secret police of the