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Protesters Shot in Iran: Read NUFDI’s Letter to Biden Team

The Hon. Antony J. Blinken Secretary of State The Hon. Jake Sullivan National Security Advisor The Hon. Brett McGurk NSC Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa The Hon. Robert Malley State Department Special Envoy for Iran November 29, 2021 Sent via Email Dear Messrs. Blinken, Sullivan, McGurk, and Malley, Last week secret police of the

NUFDI’s Complaint to NY Times: Farnaz Fassihi’s Problematic Iran Reporting

Dean Baquet, Executive Editor and the Editorial Board The New York Times 620 Eighth Avenue Manhattan, New York 10018 Thursday 9 September 2021 Re: Complaint Against Farnaz Fassihi In light of recent and growing complaints from the Iranian-American community and from Iranian dissidents, we aim to draw your attention to multiple examples of unprofessional conduct

NUFDI to Amnesty: Help Imprisoned Dissident in Iran

Paul O’Brien Executive Director Amnesty International USA Washington, DC Monday September 13, 2021 Dear Mr. O’Brien, As the Islamic Republic in Iran continues its four decade-long campaign against the people of Iran, especially pro-democracy dissidents, it has again imprisoned Abbas Vahedian Shahroudi. Mr. Vahedian Shahroudi has been imprisoned for more than a week with little

NUFDI to Biden: Use Frozen Assets for Vaccines

Mr. President, The people of Iran are facing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. While the world struggles with COVID-19, the Iranian people are struggling under a regime condemning them to death by banning the American-made vaccines which could save their lives. This is just the Islamic Republic’s latest crime against the people of Iran. It is

Briefing on Iran Protests

Washington, DC — On Tuesday, August 3rd the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) hosted a briefing with congressional staffers, leading think tank experts, and journalists from prominent international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Agence France-Presse, among others. The briefing was held to discuss the ongoing protest movement in

Islamic Republic Threatens Activist on US Soil

Washington, DC — The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) thanks the US Department of Justice for its investigation into a plot by the Islamic regime in Iran to kidnap and harm Iranian activist Masih Alinejad in New York City. The Islamic Republic has assassinated, kidnapped, threatened, and intimidated its opponents at home and