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Islamic Republic Threatens Activist on US Soil

Washington, DC — The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) thanks the US Department of Justice for its investigation into a plot by the Islamic regime in Iran to kidnap and harm Iranian activist Masih Alinejad in New York City. The Islamic Republic has assassinated, kidnapped, threatened, and intimidated its opponents at home and

NUFDI June Events

Washington, DC —The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) had the pleasure of hosting two highly successful events in mid-June. On the evening of Friday, June 18th — the date of the Islamic Republic’s thirteenth illegitimate election — NUFDI colleagues and supporters gathered to inaugurate and officially open our new office in downtown Washington,

Massive Election Boycott in Iran

Massive Boycott Election Iran

Massive Boycott Election in Iran Washington, DC – The Iranian people, in a historic rebuke of the Islamic Republic in Iran, led a massive boycott of the regime’s sham elections. Despite pleas from the Supreme Leader, “reformists”, and other regime supporters, less than 20% of Iranians voted. The boycott of the election was part of

Historic Summit of Iranian Opposition

Washington, DC — On Friday June 11th, one week before the “elections” of the Islamic Republic in Iran, the regime’s notoriously fractured opposition gathered for a historic unity summit as a part of the nationwide “No to the Islamic Republic” campaign, started by activists inside Iran. The summit brought together monarchists and republicans, liberals and

NUFDI Condemns Anti-Semitic Attack on Iranian-American Jews

Washington, DC– The National Union for Democracy in Iran condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the racist and anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated against members of the Iranian-American Jewish community on May 18, 2021. The Islamic Republic’s violence against the Jewish people and other religious minorities cause many to flee their homeland and seek safety in the

NUFDI’s Letter to Clubhouse on Javad Zarif’s Abuse of the Platform

Paul Davison Co-Founder & CEO Clubhouse Dear Mr. Davison, On March 31, 2021 the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, participated in a Clubhouse room entitled “Unsaid: The Memorandum Between Iran and China, In Conversation with the Foreign Ministry Spokesman” with Saeed Khatibzadeh, the Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman. Then on April 1st, 2021 a

Letter to President Joe Biden on Iran

President Joseph R. Biden The White House Washington, D.C., 20500 Dear President Biden, Congratulations on your assumption of the presidency. We write as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of Iranian Americans, the National Union for Democracy in Iran, which represents the views of those in our community who support human rights and democracy in Iran. We

Passing of Saeed Ghaemmaghami

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Saeed Ghaemmaghami, a well-spoken journalist and an icon of Iranian National Television. His programming, broadcast most recently from exile reached millions of Iranians at home and abroad. He was a true patriot and fought against the Islamic Republic’s atrocities until his last breath. Many