We hold the Islamic Republic responsible for all inhumane acts.
In recent weeks, the Islamic Republic in Iran has made a concentrated effort to

crackdown on the latest uprising, which was ignited by an arbitrary 300% hike in the

price of fuel. The Iranian people poured into the streets in over 100 cities to express their

disdain and to free themselves from the repression they have been under for over four


This year’s uprising was larger and stronger than that of two years ago. People’s

slogans have changed from “Death to the Dictator” to the much more direct “Death to

Khamenei”, and are demanding the return of Prince Reza Pahlavi as their leader.

The regime’s crackdown was considerably harsher than ever with hundreds shot

and killed at point blank range, and thousands more unjustly jailed. Sensing the gradual

weakening of the regime’s stranglehold over the people, the dictatorship has embarked on

a remarkably brutal and visible demonstration of brute force, forcing compliance and

instilling fear in every citizen of the Islamic Republic. Some clerics have demanded a

harsh punishment for all arrested, including the cutting off of their left fingers and right

toes. This barbarism is how the regime responds to people who simply fight for their

freedom and dignity.

The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) strongly condemns all of

the aforementioned behavior. NUFDI is particularly concerned with the extreme brutality

of the Islamic Republic’s security forces, their disregard for human rights, freedom of

speech, and their disdain for the due process of law. We commend the brave citizens of

Iran and feel betrayed by the international media for lack of coverage of the recent events

in Iran.

We and all Iranians hold the Islamic Republic regime responsible for all

inhumane acts towards those arrested during the recent, and all future uprisings.

Dr. Saeed Ganji



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