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August 3 2021

Past Event

Briefing on Iran Protests

Washington, DC -- On Tuesday, August 3rd the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI'S) hosted a briefing with congressional staffers, leading think tank experts, and journalists from prominent international media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Agence France-Presse, among others.

The briefing was held to discuss the ongoing protest movement in Iran and the continuing campaign for a secular democracy in the country. Videos from the ongoing protest movement, with English subtitles were played for the guests.

Guest of honor, HIH Reza Pahlavi, spoke of the need for the international media to cover the drastic political shift. He commented that the era of reform is long over and that the dominant political discourse in the country is that of overthrowing the Islamic Republic. He said that Iranians are sacrificing and struggling to rid themselves of the regime, but are looking for the international community for solidarity. He also urged the international community to engage the secular democratic opposition as opposed to conferring legitimacy on the Islamic regime.

NUFDI'S Policy Director Cameron Khansarinia discussed the necessity of US policy makers to prepare for the downfall of the regime as an interest of American national security. NUFDI'S Policy Fellow Navid Mohebbi said that the Biden administration now has the opportunity for an honorable exit from the Vienna talks and to support the Iranian people, if it is willing to take it.

FDD Senior Fellow Alireza Nader discussed the support for the Pahlavi family and Reza Pahlavi among the Iranian people and the chants repeatedly shouted in their favor in the protests. He urged Western policymakers and media to listen directly to the people of Iran to hear the heartbeat of the country.

NUFDI'S aims to raise awareness on these pressing issues by gathering prominent Washington, D.C. thought leaders and briefing them on developments in Iran will continue to do so.

Additionally, the below video was played for the attendees: