NUFDI’s Cameron Khansarinia quoted in the Washington Free Beacon:
Cameron Khansarinia, policy director at the National Union for Democracy in Iran, an Iranian-American organization that supports democracy, told the Free Beacon that Iran’s warnings are not rhetorical. “The Islamic Republic has made its decades-long chants of ‘Death to America’ more specific by calling for the murder of leading American public servants including Secretary Mike Pompeo and Special Representative Brian Hook,” Khansarinia said. “These threats by the dictatorship in Iran are not mere slogans, it is this regime’s strategy. The Biden administration must take these unacceptable threats seriously. In the long term, as a matter of policy and U.S. strategy toward Iran, we must know these threats will not end as long as this dictatorship is in power.”
Read the full article in the Washington Free Beacon here.
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