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#IranProtests in Yasuj after Election Boycott

Protests have spread throughout the Southwestern Iranian city of Yasuj as dissent continues to mount against the Iranian Republic’s widespread fraud in last week’s presidential election. Videos from inside the country appear to show hundreds of protesters, mainly youth, taking to the streets of Yasuj and protesting the fraud committed in local council elections.

The local council elections, held concurrently with the “elections” for the Islamic Republic’s presidency, were largely boycotted. Analysts and activists believe the nationwide turnout rate to be below 20% after a widespread campaign by the opposition, “No to the Islamic Republic.”

Security forces in Yasuj, on the tenth anniversary of the murder of Neda Agha Soltan during the 2009 Green Movement, have responded by firing live ammunition at protesters and baseej units have been seen riding through the streets of the city indiscriminately beating civilians.  Videos taken by citizen journalists show a heavily militarized presence in the city amounting to effective martial law.

The films coming out of the country appear to be delayed by several hours due to regime-enforced Internet disruptions being monitored and reported by Internet experts.

Some clips have shown what appear to be young protesters unconscious on the streets of Yasuj.

NUFDI will continue to monitor the growing protests.

Cameron Khansarinia

Cameron Khansarinia began volunteering for NUFDI in 2018 and started as full-time Policy Director in February 2020. As Policy Director he heads research and writing, advocacy efforts in the policy and policymaking communities, media relations, legislative efforts, and special projects. He maintains contact with the Iranian-American community and Iranian democracy activists across the political spectrum. Prior to joining NUFDI he lived in New York City and worked at BlackRock. He studied government and political theory at Harvard where he served as the President of the Iranian Association and as the Vice President of the Student Body. After the completion of his thesis, he graduated in 2018. Throughout his time at BlackRock he volunteered for NUFDI, but as both the Iranian people’s movement for freedom and the regime’s oppressive response grew more widespread, he left the firm to join NUFDI full time.

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