Norooz is Not About Gaza

In his Norooz message, President Joe Biden congratulated Iranians, including Iranian- Americans, on our new year. He pledged to continue to support Iranians in their struggle against tyranny—days after giving the tyrants $10 billion. Most curiously, he also assured his audience that he was working to end the war in Gaza. As an Iranian dissident […]

The Cost of Complacency: The Islamic Republic Gains as America Steps Back

The Islamic Republic is besting the United States. Over the past two decades, as the American public has tired of engagement in the Middle East after it peaked in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Iranian dictatorship and its terrorist proxies have won the war of wills in the region and are […]

A Letter from Evin Prison: Mahvash Sabet

The Islamic Republic has “Disqualified” us Baha’is from Living  When the revolution happened, I was 26 years old, working as the principal of a school in the south of the capital [Tehran]. One day, I received word that I had been “disqualified” from my job. Around the same time, I was also “disqualified” from continuing […]

Improving the Proposed “Iran Sanctions Enforcement Act”

Subject: Improving the Proposed “Iran Sanction Enforcement Act” From: Navid Mohebbi, Policy Director at National Union for Democracy in Iran Background: Recently, Senators Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced the “Iran Sanctions Enforcement Act.” This bill aims to turn Executive Order 13558 from 2010, which established the Export Coordination Enforcement Center, into law. […]

Dignified Diplomacy, Not Capitulation: A Response to Senator Chris Murphy

This week Senator Chris Murphy had something of a tantrum on Twitter when he was faced with backlash to the Biden administration’s recently announced deal to release $6 billion to the Islamic Republic in exchange for 5 Iranian-Americans held hostage in Tehran. As the national media began to cover the growing opposition to the ransom […]

What Brought the Saudis to the Negotiating Table with Iran?

The recent Iran–Saudi Arabia rapprochement, mediated by Beijing, leaves Washington out in the cold while significantly boosting Chinese influence in the Middle East. But the United States has itself to blame, as its desire to pivot away from the Middle East and its contradictory foreign policy led it to treat a security ally, Saudi Arabia, […]

Ten Points to Know About the MAHSA Act

What exactly is the “MAHSA Act” and why has it galvanized unprecedented support and interest from the Iranian-American community? This comprehensive Q&A will attempt to answer frequently asked questions about the MAHSA Act, such as whether these sanctions are already in place, its impact on the United States’ ability to reenter the Joint Comprehensive Plan […]

The Iranian Revolution Continues

The Islamic Republic’s murder of twenty-two year old Mahsa Amini on September 16, 2022 sparked a popular uprising which has posed the greatest threat to the ruling theocracy in its forty-four years of existence.  An unhesitatingly violent political system, the Islamist regime has killed and injured thousands of unarmed young protesters. The mass demonstrations which […]

Harmony of Unrest: Fereydoun to Shervin

If Fereydoon Farrokhzad was alive today, chances are the soulful Shervin Hajipour would have appeared on his TV variety show. He would have debuted his original song and received wide acclaim. Hajipour likely would have emerged as the newest sensation in Iranian music.  Sadly, on what would have been Farrokhzad’s 84th birthday on October 7, […]

Iran Uncensored: The Rushdie Attack

On August 12th, Salman Rushdie was violently attacked in western New York, where he was set to deliver a presentation on the United States as a safe haven for exiled writers. NUFDI quickly prepared to serve as a resource for the American and international press on this attack and the implications for America’s Iran policy. […]