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May 21 2021


Welcome to Iran Uncensored

For more than four decades, as the Islamic Republic has waged a violent war on the people of Iran, it has waged an information war in the Western world. As each year of its reign of terror saps further legitimacy from the ruling clerics, its war of disinformation abroad has escalated. The goal: present the Islamic Republic as a legitimate actor on the world stage.

This blog, Iran Uncensored, will be an effort to present the real Islamic Republic and the real Iran.

The real Islamic Republic is an illegitimate, oppressive, gender apartheid state that is holding on to power with brute force. The real Iran is a country with a vibrant democracy movement, spanning social and political divides, looking to reclaim its stolen heritage as a scion of progress in the Middle East.


Iran Uncensored will offer real-time, consumable analysis on the Islamic Republic, its foreign disinformation, and the democratic movement in the country to provided readers an uncensored view of the country and its future.