Massive Boycott Election in Iran

Washington, DC – The Iranian people, in a historic rebuke of the Islamic Republic in Iran, led a massive boycott of the regime’s sham elections. Despite pleas from the Supreme Leader, “reformists”, and other regime supporters, less than 20% of Iranians voted.

The boycott of the election was part of the nationwide “No to the Islamic Republic” campaign that started inside Iran and has united the historically fractured opposition. In addition to the tens of millions of Iranians who boycotted the sham elections, millions of voters submitted “void” ballots making it the second-most voted option.

NUFDI calls on the United States and international community to impose every available human right sanction on the pre-selected winner of this sham election, Ebrahim Raisi, whose criminal history includes the systematic rape, torture, and murder of thousands of political prisoners. Mr. Raisi should be barred from entry to any Western democracy for his crimes.

NUFDI additionally calls on President Biden and Secretary Blinken to immediately recall the American negotiating team from Vienna and to begin a dialogue with Iran’s secular democratic opposition.

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