For decades, U.S.-Iran policy has focused almost exclusively on the Islamic Republic – whether and how to engage it, contain it or pressure it. At NUFDI, we believe that it is time for a strategic expansion of U.S.-Iran policy to account for the Iranian people and their historic role in the developing transformation of the political reality in Iran. 

Maximum Support is designed to offer policymakers strategic tools for the provision of maximum support to the people of Iran. As a complement to the policy of Maximum Pressure, Maximum Support holds the promise of creating a more complete framework for U.S.-Iran policy – one that continues to hold the Islamic Republic accountable through economic and diplomatic isolation but also engages, elevates and empowers the Iranian people – the true sovereigns of Iran – through the provision of much-needed moral, logistical and financial support.

Maximum Support was developed over months of dialogue between the NUFDI policy team and Iranian-American activists, experts from Washington think tanks across the ideological spectrum, and leading dissidents inside Iran. We are grateful to all of them for their valuable contributions to this initiative.

Maximum Support is designed not only to support a strategic shift toward a new U.S.-Iran policy framework but also to provide specific, implementable solutions. As an organization dedicated to representing and mobilizing the Iranian-American community in furtherance of a U.S. policy toward Iran that is based on the values of human rights and democracy, these solutions are tailored for American policymakers and legislators. However, we believe that many of these solutions should be considered and may be adopted by allies and partners of the United States as well. 

With increasing numbers of Americans concerned about the United States’ commitments abroad, Maximum Support has been calibrated to promote efficiency and to minimize burden on the American taxpayer. For example, by drawing funding, where needed, from regime-owned frozen assets. We believe, however, that any investment in the Iranian people is an investment that advances U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic interests and that honors America’s moral responsibility and values as a beacon for hope and democracy.

In light of the Iranian people’s ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy, and in recognition of the Iranian-American community’s deep-rooted desire for a U.S.-Iran policy that engages the Iranian people, NUFDI is proud to present Maximum Support, a third way for U.S.-Iran policy.

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