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Date Type Title
April 03 2024 Quoted NUFDI Senior Policy Analyst Andrew Ghalili quoted in the Jewish Journal on President Biden’s Norooz Statement
April 02 2024 Quoted NUFDI Senior Policy Analyst Andrew Ghalili quoted on the correlation between American appeasement and Islamic Republic Escalation
March 29 2024 Quoted “The advocacy for this legislation has been a phenomenal display of unity within the diaspora, resulting in massive bipartisan support…”
March 22 2024 Quoted “Why is the U.S. government promoting a top regime insider and the daughter of one of the Islamic Republic’s most corrupt presidents?”
February 09 2024 Quoted “The action by Meta [to ban Khamenei’s accounts] serves to equalize the communication landscape and offset regime propaganda…”
December 15 2023 Media Appearances The Power of Allyship: Fostering Resilient Community through Friendship, Education, and Dialogue
December 31 2023 Press Releases NUFDI’s 2023 End of Year Report
June 11 2023 Media Appearances Don’t Be Afraid, We’re All Together
February 16 2023 Media Appearances Can Iranian Women Change the World?
November 01 2023 Press Releases NUFDI Hosts UN Special Rapporteur on Iran Human Rights
November 01 2023 Quoted “‘They were already planning further repression,’ Rehman said at a Washington roundtable hosted by [NUFDI], an advocacy group.”
October 29 2023 Quoted “While the [Islamic Republic] funds and supports this terror against Israel, Iranians are risking their lives to fight against it.”