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Date Type Title
August 02 2018 Press Releases Letter to President Trump
December 30 2017 Press Releases Statement in Support of Dey Uprising
January 27 2017 Press Releases A Letter to the Honorable President Donald J. Trump
December 10 2016 Press Releases 2016 NUFDI Overview
November 16 2016 Press Releases Passing of Dr. Mohammad Jassemi
August 27 2016 Press Releases Iran’s Path Towards Liberal Governance: A Perspective
July 20 2016 Press Releases International Order and the Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism
June 06 2016 Press Releases Passing of Mr. Amir Pourshoja
December 09 2015 Press Releases Passing Away of Mr. Faraj Mohyeddin
December 08 2015 Press Releases Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada
December 07 2015 Press Releases An Open Letter
May 23 2015 Press Releases Our Deepest Condolences to the Etemadi Family