2016 NUFDI Overview

As we reflect on 2016, is with great pride and pleasure that I present the organization’s current year report and vision for the coming year. I am pleased to share that NUFDI continues to be a factor in promoting human rights and democracy in Iran, thanks to your loyal and generous support. 2016 was another […]

Passing of Dr. Mohammad Jassemi

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Dr. Mohammad Jassemi on November 12, 2016. Dr. Jassemi was a patriot, an intellectual, a researcher and, above all, a man with a good heart and clear vision. We express our most sincere condolences to Mrs. Jassemi and the rest of Dr. Jassemi’s family […]

Iran’s Path Towards Liberal Governance: A Perspective

The Iranian experience of the last thirty-seven years demonstrates that the Islamist theocracy, which has destroyed notions of secular and tolerant forces, coupled with the ruthless forces of repression have backfired. Many Iranians feel deep distaste for the regime that has become the largest terrorist organization financier in the world. This track record has provoked […]

International Order and the Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism

This week the international community mourns yet another series of terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Dhaka, Baghdad, and Saudi Arabia. While these attacks continue to increase in frequency, some in the international community experience a numbing effect in response to violent and extreme terrorism. Has radical Islamic terrorism become a new international norm? While the ideology […]

Passing of Mr. Amir Pourshoja

Passing of Mr. Amir Pourshoja It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Mr. Amir Pourshoja on May 25, 2016. Mr. Pourshoja was a great patriot, one of the true lovers of Iran, a man with a good heart, and till the day he left us, he never shied away from […]