NUFDI Calls for Investigation into Iran Central Bank Governor’s Travel to Washington

Washington, DC — In light of the Islamic Republic’s growing clampdown on the pro-democracy movement and the shameless lynchings of peaceful protesters, NUFDI wrote to the Treasury and State Departments to request an investigation into and clarification regarding the visit of Mr. Mohammad-Reza Farzin, the regime’s Central Bank Governor to Washington. The organization wrote: “It […]

NUFDI Calls on Twitter to Protect Iranian Digital Activists

Washington, DC—In light of the mass suspension of Iranian digital activists on Twitter, NUFDI wrote to Twitter CEO Elon Musk outlining the current problems faced by Iranian dissidents on the platform and called on Twitter to protect the right to free speech of Iranian digital activists. The organization wrote, in part: “These accounts largely consist of […]

NUFDI 2022 Executive Summary

Dear friends of NUFDI, 2022 has been a year of unprecedented growth and success for our organization. The credit goes to our team and, of course, our supporters and donors, without whom our work in Washington, D.C., would not be possible. It gives me immense pride, as NUFDI’s president, to be able to work with […]