NUFDI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization made up of Iranian-Americans of diverse backgrounds who closely follow events in their mother country of Iran. Those events are defined by the Iranian people’s ongoing struggle to reclaim Iran from the Islamic Republic and establish freedom, human rights, and democracy in Iran. We view it as our mission to give a voice to the Iranian people’s demands for the same rights that we enjoy as Americans.

The Iranian people’s movement calls for free and fair elections; separation of church and state; equal protection under the law; non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or social status; an independent judiciary and due process; freedom of speech, assembly, and religion; and economic development, opportunity, and prosperity for all Iranians. It seeks to reestablish peaceful, friendly relations with Iran’s neighbors and to have Iran re-engage the community of nations in a manner befitting its rich culture and heritage as a great civilization. It rejects the regressive notion of Balkanization as a political solution. And it believes that the transition to a secular democratic system must be brought about through civil disobedience and other forms of nonviolent resistance, as advocated for many years by Prince Reza Pahlavi, a consistent and vocal supporter of this movement, and now echoed by many of the most prominent Iranian and Iranian-American political figures, activists, scholars, artists, athletes and other voices. These are the values we have come to cherish as American citizens, and they are the same values that the people of Iran seek for their own country.

NUFDI strives to empower Iranian-Americans to be a voice for the Iranian people’s movement for freedom, human rights, and democracy. By transmitting the sacrifices and aspirations of the Iranian people to an American audience of policymakers, media, and concerned citizens, it is our hope that we may serve to better position our fellow Americans to understand and support the Iranian people in their struggle to establish a free, democratic Iran.


Engage the next generation of Iranian-Americans and mobilize them to honor Iranian culture and heritage by promoting a human rights-focused policy

Foster a community of thought leaders, policy makers, and influencers to support human rights and democracy in Iran

Counter and replace narratives and propaganda of the Islamic Republic and its allies in media and policy circles and among opinion leaders

Become the source for the bipartisan discussion of Iran policy in Washington, DC