Washington D.C. – The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) was pleased to host Dr. Javaid Rehman, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, at our offices this week. During his visit, Dr. Rehman met with the NUFDI Policy Team to discuss NUFDI’s recent work including the recent report, “Hiding in the Shadows: Exposing Human Rights Violators in the 2022 Iranian Revolution” and the best use of international laws and institutions to hold violators responsible. The NUFDI team also briefed the Special Rapporteur on the ongoing situation in Iran, the Iranian people’s democratic aspirations, and human rights defenders who are often ignored in the mainstream media and in leading international fora.

Later in the day, NUFDI convened a roundtable for members of the international press corps and think tank experts. In the roundtable, Dr. Rehman and his team offered an update on his work and other pressing matters pertaining to human rights in Iran, the ongoing crisis in Israel, and the Islamic Republic’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East.


For press inquiries contact press@nufdiran.org.

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