NUFDI Mission

NUFDI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization made up of Iranian-Americans of all backgrounds dedicated to the cause of justice who closely follow events in their home country of Iran. Those events are defined by the Iranian people’s ongoing fight for justice, democracy, and equality. We view it as our responsibility to promote their demands for the same rights that we enjoy as American citizens.

The Iranian people’s movement is one which demands the fundamental right of free and fair elections and non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or economic or social status. It insists on the humane treatment of all prisoners, on due process of law, and on the rights of free speech, assembly, and religion. It rejects the regressive notion of both social and political separatism and Balkanization and it believes that this transition must be brought about through non-violence means as advocated by Prince Reza Pahlavi. Since the beginning of this struggle four decades ago, he has been the foremost and most consistent advocate of this cause. These are the values we have come to cherish as American citizens, and they are the same values the people of Iran seek to have for their own country.

To that end, NUFDI strives to empower Iranian-Americans to be a voice for those in Iran whose voices are silenced. By transmitting their stories, struggles, and aspirations to an American audience of policymakers, media, and concerned citizens, it is our hope that it may serve to better position our fellow Americans to understand and support the Iranian people as they fight to establish a free, democratic Iran.

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