Washington, DC – This weekend, the news of an assassination attempt on an Iranian-American activist, Masih Alinejad in Brooklyn, New York shocked the Iranian-American community.

This comes only months after the FBI thwarted an attempt to kidnap this same activist. In addition to this scheme, over the last few years, other Iranian activists in America have received death threats from the regime and its supporters. 

The Biden administration’s appeasement policies and the lack of a clear strategy towards the regime’s threats has inspired the Islamic Republic to expand its terrorist activists from Europe across the Atlantic and threaten American here in the United States.

We condemn the Islamic Republic in Iran which bears ultimate responsibility for their crimes, but warn the Biden administration that continued inaction and lack of decisiveness will pave the way for further criminal actions by Tehran. The administration must act to protect American citizens.

We call on the Biden administration to expel the regime’s diplomats from the United States and close the regime’s Interest Section in Washington.

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