Mr. President,

The people of Iran are facing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. While the world struggles with COVID-19, the Iranian people are struggling under a regime condemning them to death by banning the American-made vaccines which could save their lives. This is just the Islamic Republic’s latest crime against the people of Iran. It is to that end that we write to you to request that you take immediate executive action to use frozen Iranian assets in the United States to purchase vaccines and provide them directly to the Iranian people.

The Islamic Republic has demanded sanctions relief, including on its entities sanctioned for terrorism and human rights offenses. Instead, we propose that relief be offered in the form of vaccines made available directly to the people of Iran. The Islamic Republic has already taken steps to sell COVID-related medications on the black market, denying the Iranian people access. Thus, the vaccines we propose be purchased with the regime’s frozen assets must be distributed directly by the WHO, UNICEF, or other international entities, and bypass the regime.

We have written to State Department staff multiple times to request they meet with members of the Iranian-American community. This has been to no avail. We now take our request directly to you, Mr. President, and urge you to direct your staff to investigate the use of frozen Iranian assets for this humanitarian intervention. The regime is perpetrating a crime against humanity, America can help stop it.

We stand ready to connect you to the relevant activists and experts and to speak with members of your administration at any time.


National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI)


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