Washington – Today NUFDI wrote a letter to the Human Rights Campaign, one of America’s leading LGBTQ advocacy organizations calling on them to be a voice for those sentenced to death for “promoting homosexuality” by the Islamic Republic in Iran. 

The letter from NUFDI Advocacy Director Navid Mohebbi read, in part:

NUFDI is calling on organizations like yours to amplify the voices of Sareh, Elham, and other victims of the Islamic Republic’s brutal crackdown on the LGBTQ+ community, and to make sure they are not forgotten. It is in silence that the regime in Iran can continue its war on this community. We call on you not to be a part of that vast, deafening silence. Join us in being their voice and helping to save their lives. 

The letter, addressed to the interim president of Human Rights Campaign, is available in full below.



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