Washington, DC — The National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI) is proud to announce Navid Mohebbi, a former Iranian political prisoner and long time activist, as its newest Policy Fellow. Mohebbi was arrested by the Islamic Republic in Iran in 2010 and recognized by the Committee to Protect Journalists as the youngest jailed journalist in the country.

Since being forced into exile in the United States, he has continued his activism for a secular, democratic Iran. His writing and research has long focused on the pervasive impact of the regime’s influence network in the West. In joining the NUFDI team, he will play a critical role in both research and policy and will also work on outreach to the broader Iranian-American community.

NUFDI’s President and Chairman Dr. Saeed Ganji noted, “NUFDI is dedicated to supporting our community’s youngest and most vibrant voices and bringing Navid to the team allows us to do just that. His important work will help us ensure the voice of Iranian-Americans and the people of Iran are heard in Washington.”


More on Navid:

Navid Mohebbi is a long-time democracy advocate and a former political prisoner in Iran. He has written extensively on Iran’s political and social affairs and worked with many civil society organizations in Iran on a range of political, human rights, and women’s rights issues.

Navid was born and raised in Iran. Before coming to the US in 2013, he lived in Turkey for two years. He holds a BA in international relations and Middle Eastern studies from George Washington University.

He previously worked as a Persian media analyst for the State Department. He also recently completed a DOD-funded fellowship program where he researched the impact of climate change on political stability in Iran.

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