Congress Leads on Iran Sanctions

Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal Aid to Ukraine and Israel got more attention, but the same package of national-security bills contained an important provision expanding sanctions against Iran. Iran’s missile and drone assault on Israel this month solidified support for the measures, which will exact a devastating economic toll on the […]

The Latest Biden Iran Deal Is as Bad as You’d Expect

Originally published in National Review. In June, we wrote here that the administration of President Joe Biden was considering a freeze-for-bribe (“freeze-for-freeze” according to the administration officials) agreement with Iran. Last week, the administration announced a hostage deal with Iran that, beneath the surface, implements this freeze-for-bribe. At first glance, the agreement is as follows: […]

The Biden Administration’s Reckless Re-engagement with Iran

Originally published in National Review. It is often lamented in Washington that protests in Iran happen all the time but eventually dissipate and disappoint. Those wondering why this happens might look toward the White House. At a time when the Islamic Republic is on the back foot against the Iranian people, the administration of President […]

How the U.S. Can Put an End to Iran’s Brutal Crackdown

Originally published in The National Interest. Last week, the Islamic Republic executed Mohsen Shekari and Majidreza Rahnavard, two twenty-three-year-old Iranians, for their role in the ongoing revolutionary movement in Iran. Though Shekari and Rahnavard are the first Iranians known to be executed in connection with recent widespread protests, unless the international community steps up and […]

Belgium’s Prisoner Swap Deal Will Only Encourage Iranian Terrorism

Originally published by POLITICO Europe. On July 14, Sweden’s judiciary struck a blow for international justice, when it sentenced Hamid Nouri—an Iranian prison official involved in the mass killing of political prisoners—to life imprisonment. The verdict put the world’s human rights abusers on notice: Europe would not be their safe haven. Alas, what Stockholm giveth, […]

IRGC deserves to remain on US terrorist list

Originally published by Al-Arabiya. In desperation to reach a nuclear deal, so-called progressive pressure groups and Democratic members of the Senate, such as Chris Murphy, pushed the Biden administration to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the US Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. President Biden is eager to revive a signature legacy of the […]

Tehran views the rise of the Taliban with both glee and suspicion

Originally published in the Washington Examiner. The regime in Iran initially welcomed the triumph of the Taliban over the central government in Kabul, celebrating the humiliation of the U.S., their common foe. While Shiite Iran and the Sunni Taliban hold differing religious ideologies, the two have built strong relations since the Taliban’s initial defeat by […]

Iranian Terror Comes to America

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal. The foiled kidnapping plot against activist and journalist Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-born U.S. citizen living in New York City, has sparked a wave of outrage. The Justice Department’s indictment and detailed court documents indicate the Islamic Republic’s significant investment in the plot. The most troublesome part of this […]

Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi is Exactly Who You Think He is

Originally published in Newsweek. Politics is complicated. In the Middle East, even more so. The complex countries, performative personalities and harrowing history of the region rarely allow for black and white answers to even the most straightforward questions. The winner of last week’s “election” in Iran, however, is different. Despite attempts by analysts, journalists and […]

Why America Should Hope the Regime in Iran Collapses

Originally published in The National Interest. In Vienna, the American negotiating team is busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as the Islamic Republic demands concession after concession from Washington in exchange for Tehran’s return to the 2015 nuclear deal. In a stark shift from just a few months ago, when the Islamic Republic […]