Washington, DC — As the Iranian-American community grows increasingly united in support of the Iranian people’s movement for democracy, NUFDI is proud to announce that 2014 “TIME Person of the Year” and celebrated Iranian-American geneticist Pardis Sabeti, M.D., D.Phil, is joining the organization’s Advisory Council. Announcing the addition, NUFDI President Dr. Saeed Ganji commented:

“For us at NUFDI, Dr. Sabeti is a shining example for the Iranian-American community because she has reached the pinnacle of success in her career at such a young age but has never forgotten the roots of her country and the people there. Indeed she uses every opportunity afforded her by her remarkable success to highlight the Iranain people and their struggle.” 

Dr. Sabeti, who recently dedicated her TIME100 Impact Award to Mahsa Amini and the protesters in Iran, continues to teach undergraduates at Harvard in addition to her ongoing, groundbreaking research on infectious disease outbreaks and methods of confronting them.  She is also a musician who has dedicated songs including Neda to the Iranian people and their democratic movement. NUFDI Policy Director Cameron Khansarinia, remarking on his interactions with Dr. Sabeti at Harvard remarked: 

“Dr. Sabeti was among a unique set of Harvard professors who, despite their success and acclaim, spent time with her students and even those who were in completely different courses of study. I have long admired both her success and humility. We’re honored to have her join NUFDI’s Advisory Council and I look forward to the opportunity to learn from her once again.”

You can read Dr. Sabeti’s full bio here.

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