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May 4 2023

Policy Briefs

Iranian Opposition Makes Gains on the International Stage

Andrew Ghalili


Cameron Khansarinia


A recent letter signed by 32 members of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) supporting ethnic separatism in Iran caused concern among Iranians across the political divide who viewed it as an attempt to violate Iran’s territorial integrity. The letter appeared to many opponents of the Islamic Republic as a political gift to the regime, which often threatens that its overthrow will lead to separatism. Since the letter followed the historic trip to Israel by Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi aimed at rekindling friendly ties between the two nations, Iranian activists wondered whether the Prince’s new high-level relationships would serve a purpose. Within a week of the letter’s issuance, and after direct diplomatic overtures, Pahlavi delivered, as 25 of the 32 co-signers revoked their signatures in a diplomatic win for the Prince that has boosted the opposition.

Image courtesy of NUFDI