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i24 News “Malard at Large”

Story Highlights
  • Part -1
  • Iran at a crossroads following elections
  • "Election means end of factional fighting in Iran"
  • "Many Iranians are desperate for change"
  • "Many external, few internal changes likely"
  • "Ebrahim Raisi was selected, not elected"
  • "Iran is entering a very dark era"
  • "In Iran, the system and ideology are important"
  • Part - 2
  • Iran at a crossroads following elections
  • "Many Iranians think regime is illegitimate"
  • "Still unclear what type of deal will emerge"
  • "Iranian people don't want offensive nuclear weapons"
  • "Russia won't let Iran get a nuclear bomb"
  • "Iran has long wanted to master nuclear technology"
  • "Countries can take small steps to stop Iran"
  • "Threat to world continues until regime goes"
  • "Israel is right to be worried about Iran"
  • "Iranian people are best alernative to regime"
  • "Very difficult to change regime in Iran"

NUFDI Policy Director joined i24 News “Malard at Large” with host Christian Malard, Amir Taheri, and Arshya Jolliver to discuss the selection of #Ebrahim Raisi as president of the #Islamic Republic in #Iran.

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