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Raisi, The Iran Lobby, and the Four Stages of Grief

The elections held by the Islamic Republic of Iran are not real.  They are not free. They are not fair.  And nothing changes as a result.   Iran had one such “election” last Friday, in which Ebrahim Raisi, the butcher of Iran, was elected as the new president.  It was, as expected, a mockery of democracy. 

Ebrahim Raisi, The Butcher of Tehran

Ebrahim Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi has just been selected as the president of the Islamic Republic in Iran. While most officials in the regime have a long history of corruption and murder, Mr. Raisi’s track record of crimes against humanity is particularly shocking. NUFDI has prepared the below policy brief for policy makers, analysts, and the media to

#IranProtests in Yasuj after Election Boycott

Protests have spread throughout the Southwestern Iranian city of Yasuj as dissent continues to mount against the Iranian Republic’s widespread fraud in last week’s presidential election. Videos from inside the country appear to show hundreds of protesters, mainly youth, taking to the streets of Yasuj and protesting the fraud committed in local council elections. #IranProtests