Mina Noorbakhsh


As Creative Director, Mina brings over 10 years of real world experience and knowledge in graphic design, video animation, illustration, web design, audio, and musical performance. She adds a creative spark and spunk to every brand she touches. She packs a punch in all her designs with dynamic compositions and smart graphic insight.

Having worked at one of the top architecture firms in the world as a senior graphic designer, focused on projects ranging from multimedia and interactive to print and environmental design.

Similar to her artistic background, Mina’s activism and advocacy for freedom for Iranians has been a lifelong mission. During the Iranian peoples’ uprising against the regime after the rigged elections of 2009, Mina led graphic design for the Iranian-American Youth Group, a grassroots organization formed by her older sister Sanaz, and other young Iranian Americans. The group planned demonstrations to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people as well as participating in interviews with news outlets, long before social media. Mina created graphics, fliers, and signage for all events, notably signs with “FREE IRAN”.

At NUFDI, Mina continues her advocacy by using graphic design as a powerful tool to amplify Iranian voices and translate important policies and information into eye-catching, easily understandable, and shareable material.

A Virginia native, Mina has a BA in Visual Communications and Design from Virginia Polytechnic University.


Iran Rising Exhibit in Washington, DC

Independent Persian | November 20 2022