Yazdani & Shiralian Fellowship

Developing and engaging future policy leaders

The Yazdani and Shiralian Fellowship is a term-long internship in Washington, DC for college students interested in policy, advocacy, and human rights work related to Iran. Made possible by the generous support of Iranian-American business leaders Mr. Bahram Yazdani and Mr. Shahpour Shiralian, the Fellowship offers interns hands-on experience with issues facing the Iranian-American community and Iran policy in Washington and the opportunity to meet and learn from policymakers, experts, and activists making an impact in the nation’s capital.

Yazdani and Shiralian Fellows have made connections in their time with NUFDI that have served as the starting point for careers in the federal government, the private sector, academia, and think tanks. Having spent three months working closely with NUFDI’s staff they launch their careers with an enhanced sense for the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people and how a policy of maximum support can secure American interests and promote our values.