Deeds Matter Most

Originally published by the Middle East Institute. “Deeds matter most” was the official diplomatic response to Joe Biden’s election from the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif. It came in the form of an early morning tweet, an appropriate medium given the new political norm established in recent years. The statement read like one from […]

Iran and the Future Generation of Activism

NUFDI Policy Director Cameron Khansarinia spoke to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council for a panel of on-the-ground analysis of Iranian politics today and what to expect in the future. Other panelists include Arash Sobhani, Marjan Keypour, and Lisa Daftari.

How to Stop Iran From Terrorizing Dissidents Abroad

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal. Jamshid Sharmahd, a California-based Iranian opposition activist, disappeared in late July while traveling to a technology conference in India by way of Dubai. Mr. Sharmahd’s family tracked his movements using mobile phone data to a remote region of neighboring Oman before he dropped off the map. Days later, […]

Reimagining the Middle East

Originally published by the Middle East Institute. The Middle East’s rich history of cultures and civilizations has, in the modern era, given way to a caricature of a land of strife and violence. For those who today inhabit the cradle of civilization, that caricature is often too close to the truth — too many have […]