How the U.S. Can Put an End to Iran’s Brutal Crackdown

Originally published in The National Interest. Last week, the Islamic Republic executed Mohsen Shekari and Majidreza Rahnavard, two twenty-three-year-old Iranians, for their role in the ongoing revolutionary movement in Iran. Though Shekari and Rahnavard are the first Iranians known to be executed in connection with recent widespread protests, unless the international community steps up and […]

Harmony of Unrest: Fereydoun to Shervin

If Fereydoon Farrokhzad was alive today, chances are the soulful Shervin Hajipour would have appeared on his TV variety show. He would have debuted his original song and received wide acclaim. Hajipour likely would have emerged as the newest sensation in Iranian music.  Sadly, on what would have been Farrokhzad’s 84th birthday on October 7, […]

Iran Uncensored: The Rushdie Attack

On August 12th, Salman Rushdie was violently attacked in western New York, where he was set to deliver a presentation on the United States as a safe haven for exiled writers. NUFDI quickly prepared to serve as a resource for the American and international press on this attack and the implications for America’s Iran policy. […]

Iran State Newspapers React to Salman Rushdie Attack

The August 12th attack on celebrated author Salman Rushdie caused shock and horror across the United States and in much of the world. In the circles of power in the Islamic Republic in Iran, however, the assassination attempt was cause for celebration and the support for more violent attacks on the regime’s opponents. NUFDI has […]

Belgium’s Prisoner Swap Deal Will Only Encourage Iranian Terrorism

Originally published by POLITICO Europe. On July 14, Sweden’s judiciary struck a blow for international justice, when it sentenced Hamid Nouri—an Iranian prison official involved in the mass killing of political prisoners—to life imprisonment. The verdict put the world’s human rights abusers on notice: Europe would not be their safe haven. Alas, what Stockholm giveth, […]

Sepideh Rashno was publicly beaten, then forced to “confess” on State TV

Sepideh Rashno, a 28 year old Iranian artist and writer, was recently arrested after a video of a confrontation between her and a hijab enforcer went viral. In the video, Sepideh—who can be seen without a head covering—is verbally and physically accosted by another woman for not wearing a hijab. The woman began taking Sepideh’s video […]

IRGC deserves to remain on US terrorist list

Originally published by Al-Arabiya. In desperation to reach a nuclear deal, so-called progressive pressure groups and Democratic members of the Senate, such as Chris Murphy, pushed the Biden administration to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the US Foreign Terrorist Organizations list. President Biden is eager to revive a signature legacy of the […]