Norooz is Not About Gaza

In his Norooz message, President Joe Biden congratulated Iranians, including Iranian- Americans, on our new year. He pledged to continue to support Iranians in their struggle against tyranny—days after giving the tyrants $10 billion. Most curiously, he also assured his audience that he was working to end the war in Gaza. As an Iranian dissident […]

Infographic: Correlation Between U.S. Policy & Islamic Republic Escalation

When the United States appeases the Islamic Republic, it hurts the Iranian people and harms American interests. Data on executions in Iran, the regime’s military expenditure, oil exports, and nuclear advancement show a clear trend.   The correlation between U.S. policy and executions in Iran.   The correlation between U.S. policy and the Islamic Republic’s […]

Iran International Journalist Attacked

The recent assault on Pouria Zeraati, a journalist for London-based Iran International, underscores the fears of many that the Islamic Republic may be escalating its campaign against anti-regime journalists and activists abroad. As the London Metropolitan Police explore the motives, suspicions of the regime’s involvement are amplified by their previous threats against many London-based anti-regime […]

The Cost of Complacency: The Islamic Republic Gains as America Steps Back

The Islamic Republic is besting the United States. Over the past two decades, as the American public has tired of engagement in the Middle East after it peaked in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Iranian dictatorship and its terrorist proxies have won the war of wills in the region and are […]

Islamic Republic Proxy Attack in Northeast Jordan Kills Three U.S. Troops

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an Islamic Republic proxy militia, conducted a drone attack on a U.S. base at Tower 22 of the Jordanian Defense Network, located in northeast Jordan, on January 28. This attack resulted in the deaths of three U.S. troops and injuries to 47 others. Though this is the first of these […]

Islamic Republic Cracks Down, Sentences Activists to a Combined 100+ Years in Prison

In recent weeks, the Islamic Republic sentenced numerous political dissidents to a combined 100+ years in prison. Those sentenced include several protesters detained during the Woman, Life, Freedom protests that started in 2022, as well as family members of those killed during protests. A common ideological thread that seems to connect many of those sentenced […]

Islamic Republic Proxies Attack U.S. Forces in Iraq, Syria, and the Red Sea

The Islamic Republic Navy opened 2024 by deploying the IRIS Alborz, an Alvand-class frigate, to the Red Sea via the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on January 1. This occurred one day after the United States clashed with regime-backed Houthi rebels (Ansar Allah) in the Red Sea and less than a month after the U.S. Department of […]